Entry #4

Still Alive!

2015-08-19 02:07:12 by DJM4C

Hey guys,

Just so everyone is aware, yes, I am still on this planet. I have been working on 3 projects for a very long time mostly due to my perfectionist issues and my school/job priorities. So don't worry these songs will come out soon! I also hope those fans I have aren't dead either! I miss newgrounds and you guys a lot :/ 


Really want to get back to being a part of this community again. It's really a great group of people, and I feel bad for neglecting that. 

See y'all soon!


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2015-08-19 05:20:09

Go away and die. Thks.

DJM4C responds:

:( :( :(


2015-08-19 05:23:25

Still Alive Too! (Most of us, that is)

It's great to have you back; we missed you. Kinda...