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2017 Submissions

Quasar Trance Song
High Tide Techno Song
Illusion Dance Song

2016 Submissions

2015 Submissions

Arrival Dance Song

2014 Submissions

Love Me Again Remix Dance Song
Magnetic House Song

2013 Submissions

Turbulence Drum N Bass Song
Old Skool(DJ M4C Remix) Dance Song
Dawning Dance Song
Resolve (DJM4C Remix) Dance Song
Origin (DJ M4C Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Rush Dubstep Song
Stereo Tide Techno Song
Imprisoned Drum N Bass Song
Chutes Dance Song
Raving in the Rain House Song
Great Heights Drum N Bass Song
Night Escape Dance Song
R.E.M. (WIP) Trance Song
Digital Insanity! Video Game Song
Polarized House Song
Transmit (Remastered) Drum N Bass Song
Silent Night (DJM4C) Ambient Song
Survive (Remastered) Dance Song
Portal (Remastered) Drum N Bass Song
Amplitude (Full) Dubstep Song
Reverie (Remastered) Trance Song
Kinda Dota (Remastered) Dance Song
Imagine (Remastered) House Song
Mid Paradise (Remastered) Drum N Bass Song
House Party (Remastered) Dance Song
Third Ear Dance Song
Whimsical House Song
The Space DJ Trance Song
Cloud Head [Remix] Drum N Bass Song
SmK & DJM4C - Audio Candy Dance Song
Northern Lights Dance Song
Forgotten Techno Song
Give your Heart a Break Dance Song
Ear of the Storm House Song
Crooked Pulse House Song
Stargaze Ambient Song
Mistral Drum N Bass Song
DJ M4C- Ocean Breeze Drum N Bass Song
Breathe (MikeyP and M4C) Dubstep Song
SA- Transmit Drum N Bass Song
WIP- House/Electro House Song
SA- Survive Dance Song
SA- Sprint Trance Song
Summer Album- Get Up Trance Song
Summer Album- Assiduous Techno Song
Summer Album- Blithe Dance Song
Felt Techno Song
Pathway Trance Song
One Attainment Dance Song
Ceaseless House Song
Detendu Ambient Song
Voyage [Edit] House Song
Voyage House Song
The Straggler Trance Song
Deviation House Song