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100 FANS!!!!!

2013-03-28 18:50:20 by DJM4C

Wow, this truly is an honor. I would like to thank my mom my da...... well, you know the deal.

In all seriousness thanks everybody for 100 fans, I never thought I would reach this milestone.

I will continue to put out content that keeps getting better and better every time. Here's to 1000 fans!!!!!




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2013-03-28 20:22:39

Congratz dude! Keep up with dem good music!

DJM4C responds:



2013-03-28 21:21:23

Congraaaaats :D

(Updated ) DJM4C responds:

Thanks bro! You already know how this feels haha :)


2013-03-29 08:09:06

Congratulations. I wonder if this would ever happen to me too. I guess it won't. XD

DJM4C responds:

You have great stuff man sure it will! And thanks :D


2013-03-29 13:20:58

Congrats! :)

DJM4C responds:

Thank you!


2013-03-29 13:49:01

Congrats on that mate, you deserve about a million more, but that'll come over time. Just keep going for such awesome songs and you'll easily get there.

Now some fun maths: You posted this 18 hours ago and in the meantime you got 2 new fans. If we put the brains to work (yes, brains, I'm not that lazy) it'll take about 8100 more hours, aka 338 days, a bit more than 48 weeks, and roughly calculated 1 more year. So, in 1 year, you'll have a 1000 fans. Sounds pretty neat to me.

DJM4C responds:

Lol I think you have the most words on any of my reviews :) I bet you'll still be the best reviewer even in a year ;D


2013-03-30 18:06:01

Gratz man! You surely deserve more, but I'm sure there's many more coming =)
The thing about Newgrounds is that 1 fan really counts for a lot tho

DJM4C responds:

haha yes it does! Thanks a lot man!


2013-03-31 13:09:25

I'm so jelly XD I just reached 10!

DJM4C responds:

Don't worry as long as you do your best you'll be 100 at no time!! :D


2013-04-01 14:41:39

WHAT?!?!? I TOTALLY MISSED THIS! Congrats dude. That's awesome. You are getting close to catching up to me... I'll have to move quickly so you don't catch up... But seriously you deserve every fan that you get dude. 200 will come in no time! Congrats again!

DJM4C responds:

Would say the same to you bro! I'd say the race to 1000 is going to be neck and neck, we will see who's the winner ;)


2013-04-03 09:36:10

Nice one, just reached 200 lol :P

DJM4C responds:

Congrats to you! Im catchin up :p, but I'm sure you will stay out of reach from me haha :)


2013-04-04 11:21:28

Congrats :D

DJM4C responds:

Thanks! :)